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Crowdsourced Remotely Operated Robots.

The future of work is Robotics.

CAYTU has developed the first crowdsourced robotics platform to allow autonomous robots to be remotely operated by outsourced pilots from all over the world.

Today, remote outsourcing is primarily concerned with non-tangible digital skills such as software and digital content development. CAYTU closes the gap between remote digital outsourcing and onsite physical experience, enabling the distribution of skills and hands-on expertise to distant geographic locations where they are needed.

CAYTU Robot food delivery at BYU

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Robot as a Service

Create tasks, Assign robots, Manage deployment, and Analyze data from a fleet of robots. CAYTU’s Robotics Platform is the world first crowdsourced Robotics as a Service solution. Our software is robot-agnostic and therefore can integrate any robotics hardware/application through our API.

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Onboarding a Robot is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

A Pilot Mobile App with low latency

We implement an AI-Human Collaborative Shared Control approach to put the human touch at the center of robotics and therefore unlock the full potential of robots and create new opportunities for individuals and businesses. We have made teleoperation as intuitive and easy as it can be; simply using our Android & iOS app, anyone with mobile phone can become a CAYTU Pilot.

Virtual Training Platform

We know the future of work is Robotics, at CAYTU we are enabling a global workforce of autonomous robot pilots. Our Virtual Training Digital Twin Platform ensures that operators have the necessary skills to operate the robots safely and efficiently.

Whether it's helping people to execute complex tasks from a distance, creating new remote job opportunities, or empowering communities with cutting-edge technology, CAYTU is making a positive impact on the world.

Tijan WattPartner, Wuri Ventures

We see real benefits from their (CAYTU) technology to optimize our daily operations. Among the applications we are interested in are the development of autonomous solar cleaning robots and autonomous lawn mowers to remove grass from solar power plants.

Papa Mademba BiteyeCEO, SENELEC

Learn more about CAYTU - the first autonomous robotics startup we’ve featured in the #yasr30 2022 list by Yale Africa Startup Review. Sidy Ndao, Abdoulaye FAYE & team - we are excited to see were this pioneering journey takes you. #robotics #africa

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