Crowdsourced Remotely
Operated Robots

The Future of Work -- Enabling a global workforce of autonomous robot pilots

How does it work?

Let's take the example of food delivery and Imagine...


You (The Customer) are sitting in your Home in Silicon Valley (USA) and you decide to order a pizza. You pick up your smart phone and select the “CAYTU delivery App” to place your order at a local favorite restaurant.


The restaurant (The Client) sees the incoming order through its “CAYTU delivery dashboard” tablet, prepares the pizza, places it inside one of “CAYTU delivery Robots” and indicates on the dashboard that the Robot is ready for delivery.


Seven thousand miles away from Silicon Valley, a young African woman (The Agent) gets a notification of an open delivery job on her “CAYTU delivery Agent App”. She is the first to accept the job among many other agents and gets control over the Restaurant’s CAYTU Robot.


She goes on to drive The Robot, moving it forward, backward, left, and right, while the Robot’s intelligent software takes care of all GPS path routing, geofencing, obstacle avoidance, and other safety measures autonomously. The Robot safely arrives at your place and you enjoy your warm pizza.

Partners & Campuses

Innovation for Impact

Today, remote outskilling is primarily concerned with non-tangible digital skills such as software and digital content development. CAYTU Robotics vision is to close the gap between remote digital outskilling and physical outsourcing though what we call Cyber-Physical outskilling.

CAYTU Robotics is also an Impact Sourcing business model. Africa is the youngest and fastest-growing continent in the world. Due to limited opportunities, many young people will face challenges finding formal employment and a pathway out of poverty, today’s world’s most formidable challenge.

CAYTU allows for thousands to millions of Africans and other low-income communities to have access to the global job market without leaving their country. On the client side, CAYTU is business process outsourcing strategy however with social impact.

Sidy Ndao

CEO and Co-Founder

Postdoc at MIT & PhD in Mechanical Engineering at RPI

Abdoulaye FAYE

CTO and Co-Founder

Electronics & Embedded Systems Engineering at ENSEIRB-MATMECA